Born to Create

Marc first felt the warmth of a spotlight at a local community theatre in Newport Beach, California when he was seven years old. When that glowing circle encapsulated him, there was no hiding from the truth– it was a safe space to be exposed.

He dedicated his spare time to rehearsals, voice lessons, and acting classes to fine tune his craft. He attended a performing arts high school (OCHSA) and fulfilled his childhood dream of pursuing his BFA at NYU Tisch for musical theatre.

After graduating from NYU Tisch,  Marc realized the importance of his voice and the lack of representation for the LGBTQ+ community he felt lucky to be a part of. He was inspired to create his own stories that shed light on the under represented voices. One of these stories was a five episode web series he wrote called Daddy Issues. He produced, directed, and acted in the pilot. But he has only begun skimming the surface.

Marc uses his education, life experience, and art to convey the stories of marginalized people and elevate the voices of the LGBTQ+ community.

He considers himself both an actor and a writer and is compelled to continue being a vessel for originality, authenticity, and stories that need to be shared.